Jeffrey Katzenberg Co-Hosts $15,600 Per-Person Fundraiser for … who?


Hollywood celebrities and power players continue to step up their efforts to see the Democrats take back control of the Senate, with the former chairman of Walt Disney Studios Jeffrey Katzenberg hosting a $15,600 per person fundraiser in support of the Democrats’ Georgia Senate Victory Fund.

According to CNBC’s Brian Schwatrz, Tuesday’s nights virtual event in support of both Ossoff and Warnock raised $2 million, with tickets going for as high as $15,600 per person. Co-hosts of the event included Katzenberg, entertainment media mogul and comedian Byron Allen, and 80 other prominent figures. One of the race’s largest bankrollers is LinkedIn CEO Reid Coffman, who has encouraged those within his network to give generously to the effort.

Two run-off Senate races are schelduled to take place in January in an election that will determine which party maintains control of the Senate. Unlike other states, Georgia has a system of open primaries and a first past the post voting system, which means a candidate must win 50 percent of the vote in order to take the seat.

Republican David Purdue won but did not achieve the necessary threshold to defeat his opponent Jon Ossoff. Meanwhile, Democrat Raphael Warnock received the most votes in his race, with incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler coming in second. Both races were open primaries, with the vote splitting among various candidates.

As reported by Breitbart News, dozens of other Hollywood stars, including the likes of Amy Schumer, John Leguizamo, Kumail Nanjiani, Debra Messing, and Piper Perabo among others, continue to go all in for the election in the hope that it could allow Joe Biden to push forward a more radical left-wing agenda.

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