Jeffrey Epstein’s A-list pals rush to distance themselves


Jeffrey Epstein carefully cultivated a circle of prestigious and powerful friends by exploiting the aura of money and mystery that surrounded him — but the hint of a dark side was always there.

Now, in the wake of his blockbuster arrest on child sex trafficking charges, some of those high-flying former pals may be quaking in their boots.

During a news conference Monday announcing Epstein’s indictment, Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey Berman dramatically pointed to the suspect’s mug shot on a poster, and the FBI’s New York chief, William Sweeney Jr., urged anyone who has been “victimized” or “has additional information” on the multimillionaire financier to immediately call the feds.

But the appeal was not just meant for victims of the convicted pedophile, former Justice Department prosecutor Bradley Simon said Tuesday. The underlying message, he said, is: Call us before we come a-calling on you.

“If there are people out there who facilitated or participated in Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes, they would probably be well-advised to seek counsel, and for their counsel to make overtures to the US attorney,” said Simon, now co-chair of the white-collar criminal defense practice at Phillips Nizer.

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