January 6 Eyewitness Describes False Flags and Police Brutality when Roseanne Boyland was Killed as She Laid Unconscious on the Ground

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At first, the afternoon of Jan. 6th felt like a “big American tailgate party meets a revival”

After listening to President Trump’s speech, J6 defendant Luke Coffee spent most of his day at the Ellipse. He interviewed many Chinese and Cuban immigrants expressing gratitude for American freedoms. They expressed concern about the slippery slide of communism into American government.

To the Texas filmmaker, their testimonies seemed like great documentary material. His creative juices were flowing, but his camera battery was running low. He felt tired and ready to return to his hotel.

Suddenly, three men in their early twenties ran towards him.

“We need more patriots! We need more patriots!” they screamed frantically.

“People are dying.”

“A woman died inside.”

It seemed uncanny they were 4 or 5 blocks away from the Capitol yet urged others to enter a place they were running from. Coffee had been warned by a comedian friend, Alex Stein-whom he worked with- to watch for false flags.

Fighting back exhaustion, Coffee wanted to ignore the drama. He was there as a documentarian. But heard a small yet firm voice he discerned as the Holy Spirit.