James Clapper: Trump ‘Seemingly Condones’ Radical Anti-Semitism


Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper credited President Donald Trump with contributing to an “environment” which led to last Saturday’s mass murder of Jews at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. He made his comments on Wednesday during a panel discussion at George Mason University in Fairfax County, VA.

The discussion was led by Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of the Atlantic. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden also participated.

GOLDBERG: Do we think this is the end of it or do you think we’re in the middle of a long process in which people are being radicalized and are going to try to carry out their anger in violent ways?

CLAPPER: Regrettably, yes. I think we’re probably in for more of this sort of thing. … This is how people get energized, radicalized. It’s not unlike what I experienced with the life of ISIS [Islamic State] who was very successful using social media only to recruit and radicalize people, and it’s almost a very similar psychology at work, here.

As long as our “stable genius” creates an environment that seemingly condones this sort of behavior, we’re going to have more of it. I’m convinced.

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