Washington Times:

Voters OK with Trump virus response, Crapper: ‘It is not going well’

CNN’s Jake Tapper was taken aback on Tuesday as Election Day exit polling confirmed that nearly half of voters are OK with President Trump’s handling of coronavirus.

The host of “The Lead” and his panel of guests were dumbfounded over the 48% of voters who said the administration is doing “well” in its response to the global pandemic.

“Uh, 48% of the country, Dana, saying that the handling of the pandemic is going well,” he told colleague Dana Bash. “Uh, that’s a very high number considering that empirically, uh, it is not going well! I mean, there is no health official who says it’s going well at all.”

Ms. Bash concurred with being blindsided by the numbers.

“It is a different number than what we’ve been seeing in the polls up until now,” she replied. “But this is a poll, uh, the exit poll is of those who have voted. And, you know, if I am in the Trump campaign I am looking at that and saying, ‘Well, that’s better than we thought it would be.’”

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