J6 Committee Chair Makes a Disturbing Admission

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We’ve known for over two years that the January 6th Select Committee never cared about the facts. They had a narrative they wanted to present and that was the only one they were going to let people see. Remember that footage of the “QAnon Shaman” being guided through the Capitol? His lawyers never even had access to that footage before. You can bet his four-year sentence will be appealed in light of the new evidence.

Another disturbing revelation comes from none other than Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the chair of the January 6 Select Committee, who admitted that he never even reviewed any footage before it was shown to the public.

“I’m actually not aware of any member of the committee who had access [to the footage]. We had a team of employees who kind of went through the video,” he said.

This was supposed to be, as Joe Biden and others have said, the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War,” yet none of the members could be bothered to analyze the video. Why not? Was it so that members of the committee could have plausible deniability? No wonder they’re so upset that all the unedited footage is now available.