‘I’ve Seen the Emails’ – Biden administration planning for ‘out-of-control’ situation at southern border (VIDEO)

Fox News:

Tom Homan (Trump administration as Acting Director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement 2017-2018): “How president’s team has created a crisis in record time. Legal tools and programs that made our border most secure I’ve seen were systemically destroyed.”

It was not long ago that illegal crossings at our southern border were at historic lows. This was during the Trump administration.  

The president accomplished this in part by obtaining agreements with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.   

President Trump also did it by building the wall that he promised to build to protect America and slow illegal entry into the United States. This is a wall that the data clearly shows works and a wall that the experts on the border will attest works.   

The historic low in illegal border crossings was also due to the Remain in Mexico Program along with the Title 42 designation that would require most illegal aliens to be immediately returned to Mexico because of the COVID pandemic.    

But it doesn’t stop there. President Trump also succeeded by ending catch and release and removing the enticements that cause vulnerable people to put themselves in harm’s way.  

In a little over 40 days, the Biden administration has taken almost every one of these accomplishments and ended them.  

The legal tools and programs that made our border the most secure I have seen were systematically destroyed by President Biden and his administration in an effort to appease the open borders progressive left.   

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