‘It’s Unsustainable’: Arizona Border Hospital Hit With $20 Million Bill For Treating Invading Illegal Aliens

A hospital in Yuma, Arizona is left with $20 million in unpaid medical bills after treating a massive influx of illegal aliens who streamed across the U.S. southern border over the past 6 months.

Yuma Regional Medical President Dr. Robert Transchel joined “Fox & Friends” on Friday to reveal how burdened the hospital has become by providing thousands of illegal aliens free medical care.

“People always think they’re coming in with coughs and colds, but that’s not really the case,” Transchel said, noting that the migrants receive the “same level of medical care” as American citizens.

“You have individuals come in that need dialysis, that need heart surgery, that need cardiac catheterization. We’ve had women come into our labor and delivery unit that have delivered infants that need to be in the neonatal ICU for sometimes months at a time.”

Transchel added that federal and state officials are “sympathetic” to the hospital for treating the illegal migrants but that “nobody is offering a payer source for these individuals.” 

“It’s an unsustainable business model to have your expenses increased by an external entity consistently and increasingly without any concomitant revenue source,” he said.

Additionally, Transchel said the billing issued is rooted in the fact the hospital can’t track down the migrants after they’ve been released from treatment.

“We don’t know where the migrants are going to end up. We don’t know where they go. We don’t know if the name is correct. And we just don’t know any of these things,” he said. 

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