It’s time to punish false accusers and their supporters; I urge everyone to read Michael Savage’s latest book


That candidate can be you tomorrow, with rumors or assertions from a disgruntled neighbor, jealous coworker or closet anti-Semite and Israel hater.

Not only do we have to worry about our sons facing Israel hate, we now have to worry about this.

I urge everyone to read Michael Savage’s latest book.

Savage and I discussed the book. False allegations are part of a bigger plan. We, as Jews, know better than most about false charges from our history as victims in court cases like Alfred Dreyfus and Leo Frank. It was shameful to hear names like Blumenthal, Feinstein and Schumer hide evidence and forget that one is innocent until proven guilty. Their actions incite anti-Semitism and have long term affects.

President Trump should appoint the appropriate staff within the Attorney General’s office to enforce laws punishing anyone, any group and especially those getting paid with our tax dollars if they take part in any false allegation case. If nothing else, it will make false accusers think twice and save state and federal governments millions of dollars in settlements and investigations.

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