NOT COVID! – Hospital ERs Across The Nation Overwhelmed With Patients “Sicker Than We Have Ever Seen”

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RELATED STORY (NPR): ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don’t even have COVID – “Except for initial hot spots like New York City, many ERs across the U.S. were often eerily empty in the spring of 2020. Terrified of contracting COVID-19, people who were sick with other things did their best to stay away from hospitals. Visits to emergency departments dropped to half their normal levels, according to the Epic Health Research Network, and didn’t fully rebound until the summer of 2021. But now, they’re too full. Even in parts of the country where COVID-19 isn’t overwhelming the health system, patients are showing up to the ER sicker than they were before the pandemic, their diseases more advanced and in need of more complicated care.”

The increase is baffling. After all, the experimental vaccines have been available in the US for almost a full year, and the number of new daily positive cases has been declining for months. Right now, the number of cases each day is less than half what it was just a couple of months ago.

With fewer people catching the virus, you should reasonably expect hospitals to see a decline in ER visits, but, somehow, the opposite is happening.

Throughout the country, even in places that are not considered ‘Covid hotspots,’ emergency rooms are absolutely overrun with seriously ill patients, forcing hospital staff – in many cases – to provide care in the hallway because every bed is already occupied.

The sharp uptick has mainly been driven by much more severe illnesses and conditions than Covid. In fact, the bulk of the ER visits have been to treat things like abdominal pain, respiratory problems, blood clots, and heart conditions –  suicide attempts are also way up.

KHN was able to interview some of the staff at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, MI, which has been one of the hardest-hit ERs in the country. Tiffany Dusang, the facility’s ER director, said that the entire ordeal is “hard to watch,” and that she feels terrible when she walks the halls and sees dozens of patients sitting in chairs who are in pain. She knows that they will not be getting a bed anytime soon because the hospital’s 72 ER rooms are already full, and more people keep flooding in seeking care.


Dr. Lisa Moreno, the president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, explained that she has received the same reports from her constituents in every part of the country. The severity of illness and inability to admit patients has created a crisis she described as “not even humane.”

“We are hearing from members in every part of the country. The midwest, the South, the Northeast, the West – they are seeing the exact same phenomenon.”

One patient that Moreno attended to had been left in a bed for 8 or 9 hours because his nurse had not gotten any time to care for him yet. The paraplegic man had recently gotten surgery for colon cancer and his large post-op wound had been leaking because of a malfunction in the device that sealed his wound.

Moreno only realized what was happening when she heard the patient loudly crying in his room because nobody had checked on him for several hours.

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