Italy’s Right Set for Crushing Win in Last Polls Before Vote

Italy’s right-wing coalition, led by Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, is poised for a landslide win on Sept. 25, according to the last available polls before a blackout period.

The bloc has an advantage of almost 20 percentage points on the center-left coalition led by Enrico Letta’s Democratic Party, according to Bloomberg’s latest polling average. Such an advantage, thanks to Italy’s complex electoral system, might grant it a two-thirds majority of seats in both houses of parliament, enough to change Italy’s constitution on its own.

Support for Meloni’s Brothers of Italy has been growing steadily since she took center stage in the campaign. At 45, Meloni, who started her political career in Italy’s post-fascist party, is a political veteran but has almost no government experience. As the frontrunner to become the next prime minister, she has vowed to maintain the course set by outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghi on support for Ukraine and fiscal discipline.


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