GOOD NEWS! – Italy’s Intensive Care Virus Cases Drop for First Time

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Rome (AFP) – Italy saw its first drop Saturday in the number of patients intensive care treatment for the coronavirus that had stretched the Mediterranean country’s world-class healthcare system to breaking point.

Civil protection service chief Angelo Borrelli called the drop from 4,068 on Friday to 3,994 on Saturday in the number of critical patients an important moment in Italy’s battle against COVID-19.

“This is a very important data point because the figure is decreasing for the first time,” Borrelli told reporters.

“It is important because it allows our hospitals to breathe. This is the first time that this figure has fallen since we started managing the emergency.”

Borrelli also cast figures showing Italy’s death toll rising by 681 to 15,362 — officially higher than in any other country — in a positive light.

“This figure is constantly decreasing,” he said.

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