Italian town is so desperate for residents, it will pay their rent

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The idyllic village of Teora lies at the base of Mount Cresta del Gallo in southern Italy, a short driving distance to the pastel-colored fishing villages of the Amalfi coast and the charming hill towns of Puglia. And its government will pay you to live there. Following the recent trend in Italian communities to sell off empty houses for 1 euro ($1.08) (or even give them away) in the hopes of attracting new residents and reviving their dwindling populations, Teora has taken a different tactic to attracting residents. Mayor Stefano Farina hopes the financial gambit to move to her fiefdom will have longer-lasting impact. With the 1-euro approach, it’s likely that buyers — who are then tasked with extensive renovations — will just use the home for vacations or other short periods. In order to qualify for Teora’s plan, however, newcomers must take up residence for at least three years, and already have a minimum of one child when they apply.


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