Italian Admiral Backs Naval Blockade To Stop Illegal Migration

An Italian Admiral has expressed his support for forming a naval blockade in the Mediterranean to halt illegal migration as Italy continues to see the largest number of arrivals since 2017.

Rear Admiral Nicola De Felice has released a new book in Italy called Stop the Invasion, in which he advocates for a naval blockade to halt illegal arrivals, a policy also floated by Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni earlier this year.

“Targeted action to tackle the root causes of illegal immigration is absolutely necessary. The solution may be the implementation of the so-called ‘naval blockade’, understood not as a war-style blockade but a naval interdiction intervention, aimed at blocking the departures of boats linked to human trafficking,” the Admiral told the newspaper Il Giornale.

“Had it been implemented from the beginning, the ‘naval blockade’ would have prevented the deaths of thousands and thousands of people, including many children,” De Felice added.

Admiral De Felice went on to note that cooperation with governments in places like North Africa was crucial to halting illegal migration along with helping economic development in the home countries of migrants, to give them an incentive not to make the dangerous journey.


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