CEASE-FIRE! Israel’s security cabinet approves unilateral cease-fire in Gaza

Yahoo News:

Israeli media say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Security Cabinet has approved a unilateral cease-fire to halt an 11-day military operation in the Gaza Strip.

It was not immediately clear when the truce was to take effect. The public broadcaster Kan said the fighting was to halt immediately, while other TV channels said it would go into effect at 2 a.m.

There was no immediate reaction from Hamas.

The truce came a day after President Joe Biden pressed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to de-escalate the conflict. Biden’s appeal to Netanyahu reportedly strengthened Egypt’s efforts to negotiate a ceasefire.

The U.S. president quietly ramped up pressure on Israel amid mounting international alarm over the rising death toll and growing demands from Democrats in Congress for a cease-fire.

The violence wreaked far more devastation in Gaza than in Israel, with an estimated 58,000 Palestinians displaced from their homes and untold damage to the territory’s infrastructure, which was already dilapidated by a 14-year blockade.

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