Israeli Woman Allegedly Attacked by Biden’s Secret Service Agent Sues


A U.S. Secret Service agent who was part of President Joe Biden’s security detail while he was visiting Israel in July is being sued for brutally assaulting an Israeli woman outside a bar in Jerusalem. The agent, who was off-duty at the time of the alleged assault and has not been named, was detained by Israeli police and sent back to the U.S. He was in the Israeli capital ahead of Biden’s visit the following day. According to the lawsuit, the assailant was intoxicated when he attacked Tamar Ben-Haim in an alleyway at 1a.m. before he was pulled away by a second agent. Fox News reported the men were members of the Secret Service’s Counter Assault Team. He allegedly “held Tamar tightly, hit her on her chest, repeatedly, slapped her, causing her earring and earphone to fall to the ground,” the complaint said. Ben-Haim said she thought they were her “last moments on Earth.” “I was in total shock. He was so strong,” she told Fox News shortly after the attack, saying he beat her “over and over” like a “punching bag.” “He was so strong…I couldn’t even attempt to defend myself. In my head, I was thinking, ‘you won’t survive this. This is the end of your life.’” After Ben-Haim reported the incident to police, the agent was detained but released without charge and sent back to the U.S.

After learning the identity of the man, Ben-Haim said she “felt more anger, more hurt.” “He’s not a homeless person off the street. He’s a trained fighter.” The Secret Service told CBS News the agent’s access to Secret Service systems and facilities was suspended “pending further investigation.” In the lawsuit, Ben-Haim claims she was traumatized by the incident and now suffers from anxiety attacks, depression, headaches and difficulty breathing. She is being treated by both a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Ben Haim’s attorney, Marc Zell, argued that the Secret Service is protecting Ben-Haim’s assailant, the New York Post reported. “Defendant — as well as defendant’s employer — is attempting to evade justice by refusing to disclose his identity,” the suit reads.

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