Israel and Bahrain to cooperate on MMA event in Tel Aviv


The event under the tagline “Fighting for Peace” will feature Israeli and Bahraini fighters competing against fighters from around the globe.

A Manama-based MMA promition owned by Bahraini prince Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa is set to hold a one-time event in Tel Aviv pitting Bahraini and Israeli fighters against mixed martial artists from across the globe. The event, to be held under the “Fighting for Peace” tagline, was organized by Israel’s leading MMA fighter Haim Gozali, who will join the battles in the ring alongside seven other Israelis and a host of Bahraini fighters. BRAVE Combat, the leading MMA promotion in the Middle East, will hold the event in Tel Aviv’s Menora Mivtachim Arena on March 3, 2023. Some 12,000 MMA-enthusiasts from Israel, Bahrain and the world are expected to attend.

The squad of Bahraini and Israeli fighters, dubbed by the event’s producers as the “peace squad,” was established to combat the “challenging situation” between Jews and Arabs, they said in a statement. “This is how we will show the world sport is an international language, no matter your faith, nationality or sexual orienation. “We can live together in full harmony – If we wish to,” the statement added. Incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the Abraham Accords-inspired sporting event, saying that “sport connects between people and this event is yet another factor in strengthening Israel’s relationship with Bahrain.”

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