‘ISIS plot’ to smuggle people over Mexican border to kill George W Bush revealed as suspect Shihab Ahmed Shihab arrested


A SUSPECTED ISIS operative has been arrested after the FBI claims he was orchestrating an assassination plot against former President George W Bush, reports claim.

The FBI has arrested Shihab Ahmed Shihab of Columbus, Ohio, claiming he wanted to smuggle four to six associates from Iraq into the US through the Mexico border to kill the 43rd president.

In an unsealed FBI search warrant obtained by Forbes, federal agents uncovered Shihab’s alleged assassination plot from two confidential informants and close monitoring of his WhatsApp account.

According to the FBI, Shihab, an alleged ISIS operative, was tasked with “locating and conducting surveillance” on Bush’s residence and office.

Federal agents said the suspect wanted to assassinate Bush because he felt the former president was responsible for “killing many Iraqis and breaking apart the country after the 2003 US military invasion.”


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