ISIS ‘mufti’ weighing 300 lbs captured by Iraqi SWAT

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Shifa al-Nima was accused of ordering destruction of heritage sites in Mosul, he was so fat during capture he had to be put in back of truck

A massively obese ISIS “mufti” was pulled from his hiding place by elite Iraqi SWAT team members in a raid on Thursday. He is considered one of the biggest captures in recent months. Photos show the tremendously large man was too large to fit in a police car and had to put in the back of a police vehicle, wedged between a mounted machine gun and the back of the lorry. He was carted off to prison. Shifa al-Nima was nabbed by the SWAT regiment of the Nineveh police command in Mosul district in northern Iraq according to Iraq’s security media cell. Iraq has continued to fight ISIS even amid months of protests and recent US-Iran tensions in the country. The US-led coalition suspended anti-ISIS operations earlier this month but has recently tried to restart them. According the Iraqi police this “mufti” was a well known preacher who spread extremism in mosques against security forces and incited on behalf of ISIS.


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