ISIS fanatics revel in Notre Dame’s destruction as they describe the inferno as ‘retribution and punishment’


ISIS fanatics are heartlessly revelling in the inferno at Notre Dame Cathedral online calling it ‘retribution and punishment’, according to terror intelligence researchers.

A poster of the blazing cathedral is accompanied by the words, ‘Have a good day,’ and was created by the ISIS affiliated Al-Muntasir group according to the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium.

The poster says: ‘Its construction began in the year 1163 and ended in 1345. It’s time to say goodbye to your oratory polytheism.’

The chilling message appeared as firefighters continued their efforts to put out the blaze late on Monday night.

The Al-Munatsir media organisation has shared propaganda rejoicing in terror attacks which have rocked France in recent years. 

The Paris prosecutor’s office said it was treating the fire as an accident, ruling out arson and possible terror-related motives, at least for now. 

While the jihadists celebrated online, France and the world mourned the destruction of a glorious symbol of Western civilisation.

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