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‘The Wave’ is my terminology for it. I call it that because there is no conferred immunity to corona virus which means that you can be re-infected at any time. Ordinarily, this is not a problem since we have had probably a couple million years to adapt our DNA to survival of the common cold but due to its synthetic nature this particular corona virus is moving too fast for us to ever construct a genetic resistance to it.

Also, we have exterior hostile and deadly forces that will be working against humanity’s survival called ‘governments’. Most animals in the wild are not going to be murdered by their kin for ‘power’, so the ones who would have a chance or could be immune would actually survive.

Also, the handful of survivors (due to a mutation of one sort or another; unknown) will most likely not be geographically close enough to have contact. Even if they did manage to find one another this would also be a ‘game of survival’ as most of the deadly human obstacles will not be resolved either. These include Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) that are not shut down, there will be a lack of medical care as well, no ability to survive in a non-domestic situation since most of humanity has no experience with something as simple as starting a fire without a zippo lighter or aim and flame, or the pragmatic experience of growing food, herbal remedies etc).

But reinfection alone is not the whole issue. The issue is that once you get the virus the first time you become what I call a ‘shedder’…you need to break down the virus into its component parts and then look at them functioning together to understand the whole of it.


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