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The New York Post:

McDonald’s worker defends herself from attacking customer: ‘I’ll destroy you!’

A McDonald’s customer unsatisfied with her slushie attacked two employees during a profanity-laced tirade that ended only when one fed-up worker fought back, shocking video shows.

A 3-minute clip posted on Facebook Monday shows the irate fast-food guest storming behind a counter at the Ravenna, Ohio, eatery and getting physical after demanding that they make her one of the beverages with “all three flavors” mixed together.

“Are you f–king crazy?” one employee asks the woman, identified in reports as Cherysse Helena Cleveland. “Don’t touch me! Do not touch me, I’ll destroy you!”

An undeterred Cleveland then dared the two female employees to call police before landing a right-hand haymaker to the manager’s head, the footage shows.

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