Is Russia actually making an ‘Iron Man’ suit?


After years of demos and chatter over Russia’s infamous ‘Iron Man’ suit, are they actually bringing this weaponry to life?

For years, the Russian government has been attempting to create an ‘Iron Man’-type of suit for battle. This had remained all talk, but in recent years, this world superpower has appeared to have started testing the use of exoskeletons on the battlefield with Ukraine. Even prior to recent Russian media announcements about their hope to build a superhuman exoskeleton for soldiers, giving them the ability to both carry more weapons and have more stamina, Russian powers had been rumored to have testing out a suit of armor that would make Star Wars fans nostalgic. Russian media stated that artillery forces would be testing “exoskeletons” over a course of two months during the winter. As the conflict only continues to escalate, what could this mean for Ukrainian soldiers? Ukrainian soldiers can expect to hear of rumored testing of these structures in the coming months, as testing will allegedly begin in December 2022.

The rumored goal of this structure is to protect every bit of the soldier as possible. Ultimately, Russia’s subcontractor building the supposed suit of armor, Ekzo Solutions, wants to build a suit that makes military fighters untouchable and indestructible. That’s a tall order, especially during wartime with no end in sight. However, this is not the first time that Russia has threatened new technological advancements that did not quite meet standards.

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