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EDITOR’S NOTE- This article says: “…as the United States wrestled with unfounded allegations of electoral fraud from President Donald Trump…” BUT THEY HAVE NO  BASIS TO CLAIM TRUMP’S ALLEGATIONS ARE  ‘UNFOUNDED’! In fact it’s just the opposite.  Lots of evidence of fraud.

China is awash with schadenfreude over U.S. election tumult

TAIPEI, Taiwan — “Hopeless America,” a columnist at China’s official Xinhua News Agency thundered. “U.S. democracy now a joke,” the Beijing-backed Takungpao broadsheet pronounced.

“A bit like a developing country,” the Global Times sniffed as it contemplated the possibility of post-election violence erupting in the world’s most powerful democracy.

As the United States tallied votes in a presidential election that appears headed for a court battle and fractious final phase, Chinese commentators and state mouthpieces this week lined up to portray the cross-Pacific superpower – viewed with awe and envy by generations of Chinese – as a politically crumbling edifice in 2020.

The Chinese criticisms, while pointed, mirrored broad concerns among both U.S. allies and rivals as the United States wrestled with “unfounded” allegations of electoral fraud from President Donald Trump early Wednesday, an emerging legal showdown and the prospect of internal divisions that could endure well beyond inauguration day. Sizing up the situation, newspapers in South Korea and Japan this week questioned the “intrinsic value of democracy” while Britain’s former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt warned about a potential “catastrophe for the worldwide reputation of democracy.”

But in China, state media and the commentariat followed the unprecedented scenes from the United States not with anxiety but schadenfreude. The country had been locked in an increasingly ideological confrontation with the Trump administration and has doubled down in recent years on promoting the legitimacy of Communist Party rule to its citizens.

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