Iran is hit by ‘largest cyber attack in its history’ hours ahead of failed attempt to launch satellite into orbit

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Launch happened yesterday at 7.15pm local time at Imam Khomeini Spaceport

The Phoenix rocket could not put the satellite into orbit due to its low speed

Defence spokesman still hailed the launch as a ‘remarkable’ achievement for Iran

US alleges such satellite launches defy a UN resolution banning nuclear activity

Iran was sabotaged with an unprecedented cyber attack on the eve of its failed attempt to launch a satellite into orbit, the regime has claimed. Last night, a rocket launch from Imam Khomeini Spaceport was scuppered due to low speeds which stopped it breaking into orbit. It was a humiliating blow to Tehran, which the United States believes is developing rocket technology to advance nuclear capabilities. But hours before the failure, Iran’s deputy information minister Hamid Fatah had revealed the country’s communications network had been hit with ‘the most widespread attack in Iranian history’. He tweeted: ‘Hackers today launched the most widespread attack in Iranian history against the country’s infrastructure. ‘Millions of origin targeted millions of destinations and are seeking worldwide disruption to Iran’s Internet network’.


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