The Yuma Sector in Arizona is on the cusp of surpassing the Del Rio Sector in Texas.  Yuma Sector agents report a spike in migrant apprehensions only days into FY22 which began on October 1.

A source operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection told Breitbart Texas that Yuma Sector agents apprehended more than 5,000 migrants during the first seven days of the new fiscal year. Most migrants are converging near the Morelos Dam, west of Yuma, where the Colorado River is extremely shallow. This makes for easy entry into the United States where the migrants promptly surrender to Border Patrol agents.

The trend has been building steadily over the past few months and is in stark contrast to previous years when the Yuma Sector was ranked nearly last in border apprehensions. In FY 2020, 8,804 migrants were apprehended throughout the sector. The source says they are now seeing that number exceeded every two weeks.

The migrants, mostly from Central America, cross in large groups for the most part and consist of family units and unaccompanied migrant children. On Tuesday, a group of 171 migrants entered near the Morelos Dam and surrendered to awaiting agents. This is now a common occurrence in the area.

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