Inside the ‘love fest’ cult that’s allegedly infiltrated Google headquarters

Google has been infiltrated by a “destructive” California cult led by a “pedophilic” leader, according to a lawsuit.

Former Google video producer and whistleblower Kevin Lloyd is suing the technology giant, alleging that he was fired after he began complaining that his bosses at Google Developer Studio, where he worked in Mountain View, Calif., were stacking the division with members of the Fellowship of Friends.

Past members of the group, which was registered as a religious organization with the IRS in 1971 and is based at a sprawling compound in Northern California, have accused its longtime leader Robert Earl Burton of sexual abuse and misconduct, according to “Revelations,” a six-part podcast series on Spotify released last year. Two lawsuits related to these accusations and filed by ex-members, in 1984 and 1996, were settled out of court.

In the early 1970s, Burton preached that members needed to immerse themselves in high art, such as opera and literature, in order to get rid of negative thinking. He relied on “44 Angels” — who included the spirits of historical figures such as William Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin and Italian poet Dante Alighieri — to lead him in enlightenment.


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