Inside the Intense Police Battle with Texas Elementary School Shooter  

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A lone gunman stormed into a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school Tuesday morning with multiple firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition intent on killing students. From his approach to the school until his death at the hands of law enforcement, police engaged the man to save as many lives as they could. A law enforcement source described the scene at the Robb Elementary School campus on Wednesday, telling Breitbart Texas the rapidly developing tragedy involved multiple agencies banding together in impromptu fashions. The source says a Border Patrol agent, a member of the agency’s elite BORTAC tactical team, engaged with the shooter and formed a team with other authorities to push into the gunfire and neutralize the suspect. The following is what is currently known about the timeline of events. As the investigation unfolds, specific details may emerge providing additional insights. The source told Breitbart that law enforcement from local, state, and federal agencies rushed to Uvalde as calls for assistance went out from local counterparts. At roughly 11:50 a.m. on Wednesday, local authorities were already engaging the suspect outside the school. Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Lt. Christoper Olivarez told CBS News that multiple police officers came under attack by the shooter. “Several police officers were shot,” he stated.

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