Inside the Flamboyant Life of a Wannabe Crypto Kingpin


People who knew Luiz Capuci knew him as a big spender. Luxury cars, designer duds, a mansion near the beach—Capuci had it all. If you were going out to eat, Capuci—or “Junior,” as he liked to call himself—was buying. His daughter-in-law, Katlyn Capuci, recalled a time she went shopping with Capuci and he offered to pay for whatever she wanted. When she hesitated, she says, he pulled out his phone and showed her a bank account he claimed held $4 billion.

“Don’t worry about it,” he told her. “I got it.”

Capuci wasn’t always this rich. In promotional materials for his business, he claims to have spent a period of his life homeless “in freezing weather.” Records show he filed for bankruptcy as recently as 2008. But all that changed with the rise of crypto. Family members say Capuci got in on bitcoin early, then launched his own business mining the cryptocurrency.

The company, Mining Capital Coin (MCC), was successful enough that Capuci was able to buy a home outside of West Palm Beach, Florida. When his third wife became pregnant in 2020, the gender reveal consisted of two Ferraris and a Lamborghini shooting blue smoke out of the exhaust pipes. The baby’s first birthday bash featured a ball pit and a live giraffe.

The profligate displays of wealth left his family members a little suspicious.


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