Inside Putin’s £500m superyacht with pool that becomes dance floor, huge home cinema and even a GOLD toilet roll holder


THE sickening luxury enjoyed by Vladimir Putin on board his £500million superyacht is today revealed by The Sun — including tasteless gold loo roll holders.

Mad Vlad, whose forces are bombing women and children in Ukraine, spared no expense on the six-deck Scheherazade.

The floor is thought to be one of two worldwide — with the other on Putin’s other yacht Graceful

Pressure is mounting on Italy, where the yacht is anchored, to seize and sell it to benefit Ukrainians.

An ex-crew member said: “Russian people paid for it. Putin needs his head flushing down that golden throne.”

The Scheherazade’s official cost when finished two years ago was £500million — but insiders say it could be closer to £750million.


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