Inside North Korea’s ‘worst zoo in the world’


THE sick reality of Kim Jong-Un’s beloved Pyongyang zoo has been revealed with these harrowing photographs.

One heartbreaking shot shows a neglected white tiger desperately trying to nurse its stillborn cub back to life – as algae-covered turtles swim in fetid pools before hordes of screaming schoolkids.

The tubby dictator has personally visited the capital’s Central Zoo six times since taking power in 2011 – and in 2016 ordered a multi-million pound renovation of its crumbling facades.

But the regeneration did nothing for the animals, which remain locked up in tiny concrete pens.

The bulk of the investment was spent on a bizarre tiger’s head sculpture at the entrance.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror, the zoo guide claimed the barmy statue was tacked as “our Supreme Leader said the tiger was the symbol of bravery and courage and loved by all Korean people.”

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