Infant son of tech boss overdoses on fentanyl found at San Francisco playground

The infant son of a California tech honcho overdosed on fentanyl he found while crawling around a playground in an upscale San Francisco neighborhood, according to his frightened father and nanny.

The 10-month-old twin, Sena, was playing with his brother at George Moscone Park in the Marina District on Tuesday afternoon when he began struggling to breathe and turned blue, his nanny Wendy Marroqui said.

“I shook him, and I’m like, something’s wrong,”  Marroqui told “I saw his face and he was dizzy. I thought he’s not breathing.”

She said the baby had been crawling in the grass and putting leaves in his mouth like he normally does before suddenly falling ill, so she called 911.

After determining there was nothing blocking his airway, paramedics administered a life-saving dose of the anti-opioid medication Narcan — bringing the boy back from the brink of death, said his dad Ivan Matkovic, 35.


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