Infamous Cambridge University professor Priyamvada Gopal has compared the black author of a report on race relations in Britain to Nazi party propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Gopal, who serves as a professor of postcolonial studies at the university, questioned the credentials of Dr Tony Sewell, one of the lead authors of the 264-page Downing Street report that concluded there is no “institutional racism” in the United Kingdom, asking: “Am I correct in thinking that it’s not, in fact, ‘Dr’ Tony Sewell? I mean, if we are doing to pander to the establishment, then surely the establishment’s rules matter.”

Upon learning that the Jamaican heritage chairman of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities is in fact a doctor, receiving a PhD from Nottingham University, the woke professor added: “Fair enough. Even Dr Goebbels had a research PhD.”

She later wrote that she was “particularly delighted that a black figurehead was brought out to do the denial, so we can immediately bring to a stop the very minimal steps we’ve started to take.”

Gopal has previously come under fire for her controversial remarks on race, writing in June of last year, for example: “I’ll say it again. White Lives Don’t Matter. As white lives.”

Gopal has also taken aim at Sir Winston Churchill, the British wartime leader credited with defeating the Nazi regime, saying that it is her view that Churchill was “manifestly” a “white supremacist”.

The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report, which found that there is no “institutional racism” in Britain and that poor white working-class people trail behind many other ethnic groups in the country, has sparked a furious backlash from the left-wing establishment.

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