Incoming! How Did Our Troops Survive That Missile Attack?

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DC Dirty Laundry:

Maybe Iranian missiles aren’t that accurate

Okay, we know that 25 percent of their launch failed (4/15), but the good ones are pretty accurate. Actually, Iran can drop an ICBM on a football field, from a few thousand miles away. That is why early detection is so important. Back in the day, during a missile attack on a base in Vietnam, the communists were lucky if they actually hit in the general vicinity of where they were aiming. If a soldier wasn’t loitering around the ammo dump, they had a pretty good chance of making it to a bunker, unless an errant missile dropped on top of them.

Early warning system worked

How did the troops escape the Ayatollahs Hell from above? They got a heads-up with plenty of time to get to a shelter and break out the playing cards. I’m not making lite of the danger they were in; in Vietnam, your early warning was the first mortar or rocket exploding. So how does this much-improved system work?

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