Incinerated coronavirus bodies, North Korean missiles, and airplane spillages among theories to explain ‘disturbing’ black rain falling over Japan

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Daily Mail:

Mysterious soot-coloured rainwater falls on parts of Saitama Prefecture in Japan 

Citizens fearing nuclear attack and fallout take to Twitter using #blackrain ‘

Are they secretly burning the bodies of coronavirus victims?’ one writes

Incinerated coronavirus bodies, nuclear fallout, and pollution were among theories to explain mysterious black rain falling on parts of Japan.

Soot-coloured rainwater was reported to authorities and on social media by people living in several wards in Saitama Prefecture in Japan, on 2 March.

The majority of ‘black rain’ reports came from the city of Hasuda – but other affected areas included Ageo, Iwatsuki and Kuki, also in Saitama.

Hasuda City officials issued a statement saying they were investigating the matter  after receiving multiple complaints of ‘black puddles in roads and on cars’, according to SoraNews24.

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