In midst of historic wave of migration to U.S., deportation flights to Cuba will resume

Cuba has agreed to begin accepting deportations from the United States, two U.S. officials said, in what they described as the resumption of decades-long migration agreements between the two countries amid a historic exodus from the island.

No deportation flights have departed from the United States yet, the officials said. But the development comes as the U.S. State Department confirms that the two governments met in Havana Tuesday to discuss the U.S.-Cuba Migration Accords.

In a press release, the federal agency said U.S. officials had talked about “areas of successful cooperation in migration” and “obstacles” to the agreements. They also brought up the renewal of consular services “to include visa and American citizen services” at its embassy in the island’s capital.

“Ensuring safe, regular, and humane migration between Cuba and the United States remains a mutual interest of both countries,” the department said.

Last week, Biden officials also went to Cuba’s capital to discuss consular services and the recent restart of a program that had been paralyzed since the Trump administration that reunites Cubans on the island with relatives in the United States.


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