Impeachment hearing: Nothing is more convincing than liberal professors yelling at you


If you loved the first round of impeachment hearings, do Democrats have a treat for you: Liberal college professors yelling!

You wonder if House Democrats do not watch CNN or MSNBC. If voters wanted to watch a group of experts scream their disapproval of the president, they could just turn on cable news or go online to watch reruns of “Morning Joe” from any day in the past three years.

Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan ruptured eardrums when she bellowed out her conclusion that in Trump’s dealing with Ukraine, the president had attempted to “strong-arm a foreign leader” and that his conduct was “a cardinal reason why the Constitution contains an impeachment power.”

Karlan was the only woman on the stand, which naturally meant heavy praise from the national liberal media. Susan Glasser of The New Yorker tweeted that the professor was “quickly emerging as the star of today’s hearing on the constitutional basis for impeachment.”

Quite the accomplishment, considering the Hollywood A-listers sitting next to her.

Noah Feldman of Harvard at least had hair straight of central casting. But his line readings sounded a bit rote. Like Karlan, he wasn’t there to offer staid legal context and analysis on the purpose and standard for impeachment. He was there to regurgitate the Democrats’ case.

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