I’m staying for those who cannot flee, pledges Kyiv Chief Rabbi


The Chief Rabbi of Kyiv has pledged to stay and care for those who are unable to flee as Russian forces continue their assault on Ukraine’s capital.

Speaking to the JC, Rabbi Jonathan Markovitch revealed a woman aged 101 and another aged 104 are among the elderly members of the community left in the city under siege from Putin’s armies.

He also explained he is helping “everybody who needs help”, Jews and non-Jews alike, including opening up his synagogue basement to anyone seeking shelter.

Rabbi Markovitch said: “Most of the people that can run, they are not staying here. I understand them.

“But we are here to help those people that cannot get out from the country. We are here, alone, with those people that cannot leave.”

While feeding those attending the synagogue, the Chabad rabbi and his volunteers are also delivering food to those who cannot come. This includes an estimated 1,000 members of the community aged 80 or more, some so infirm they are unable to leave their homes at all.


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