‘I’m going to take Jack Dorsey’s a** down’: Rittenhouse lawyer after his twitter account was blocked

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Daily Mail:

  • Lin Wood is one of several lawyers representing 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse 
  • Wood said he was locked out of his Twitter account for nine hours on Tuesday night after he tweeted about raising funds for Rittenhouse’s legal defense 
  • The attorney says he was falsely accused by Twitter of ‘glorifying violence’ 
  • Twitter admitted after several hours that his account was “mistakenly disabled
  • Wood now plans to file a lawsuit against Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey for trying to censor conservatives

‘I was arrested today & confined in Twitter jail falsely accused of glorifying violence. I was exonerated this evening by a finding of ‘incorrectly actioned.’ I am free tonight,’ Wood tweeted after his account was restored.

‘Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested on 8/26 & is confined in Illinois jail falsely accused of murder. Kyle will be exonerated when truth is revealed by a finding of ‘incorrectly actioned.’ Kyle will be free soon.’ 

He told Fox News that his account being blocked was just the later example of Twitter trying to censor conservatives. 

‘I’m going to take Jack Dorsey’s a** down,’ Wood said. 

‘He has been abusing the First Amendment of this country for his own agenda.’

Wood said he knew Twitter would try and censor him and that he had been careful to abide by Twitter’s terms of service. 

‘I knew they were going to censor me because I’m sending a message of hope,’ he said. ‘I’m sending a message of truth. And I’m sending a message that Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent.’ 

He said he has been compiling a ‘mountain of evidence’ against the social media giant to prove they are suppressing free speech.  

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