Illinois Dem blasted for calling Wisconsin Christmas rampage ‘karma’

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The New York Post:

An Illinois Democrat has been blasted for describing the deadly Christmas parade rampage in Wisconsin as “karma” for the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Mary Lemanski, a creep with a failed musical career (see below) is listed as the social media director for the Democratic Party in DuPage County. She began her heartless online tirade by snarkily dismissing the tragedy as “just self-defense.”

A police car is seen at Main Street in downtown Waukesha, blocking off the area after an SUV plowed through a Christmas parade.REUTERS/Cheney Orr

“It was probably just self-defense,” Lemanski wrote in a tweet that appears to have since been deleted, according to Fox News.

“Living in Wisconsin, he probably felt threatened,” another tweet, which was still online Monday morning, read — referring to the driver being held as a person of interest in the Waukesha incident, which left five people dead and dozens hurt.

“I’m sure he didn’t want to hurt anyone. He came to help people,” she added in her sarcasm-laced missive.

Lemanski, who also lists herself as an acting student with the famed Second City improvisational comedy group in Chicago, also wrote that the Christmas parade rampage was “karma” in another tweet that appears to have since been deleted.

“I’m sad anytime anyone dies. I just believe in Karma and this came around quick on the citizens of Wisconsin,” Lemanski wrote, according to Fox News.  

“You reap what you sow. It’s sad people died, but when you open the door to vigilante justice, everyone seems threatening,” she then added in a tweet that was still online Monday morning.

How did this woman with a failed musical career and some very creepy photos ever get elected?

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