Illegals Smuggled into UK inside Armchairs & Sofas

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Refugee Jailed for Smuggling Illegal Migrants to UK Inside Armchairs and Sofas

An Iranian granted refugee status in Britain has been caught smuggling illegal aliens into the country hidden inside armchairs and couches.

Arman Yusuf Rahmani, who is reportedly 21, had his asylum application accepted despite having broken into Britain concealed in the back of a lorry.

He rewarded that generosity by trying to organise similar break-ins, hiring six “man with a van” drivers to, ostensibly, go to France and Belgium and collect second-hand furniture for transport to Britain — with illegal aliens hidden inside them.

“Within 2 years of entering the UK, Rahmani had established a criminal network to facilitate foreign nationals illegally into the UK,” noted the Home Office, which is broadly responsible for border control, national security, and policing in the British government, in an official release.

He was only sentenced to a term of two years and 7 months for four counts of facilitating the commission of a breach of UK Immigration Law by a non-EU person, however, with the likelihood being that he will be out long before that, as Britain typically releases criminals sentenced to non-“life” sentences halfway or, more rarely, two-thirds of the way through their sentences automatically.

This contrasts sharply with the posture taken by European countries which have begun to take illegal immigration more seriously, such as Greece, which recently sentenced a Syrian man to 52 years for piloting an illegal migrant boat.

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