Ilhan Omar: Many Who Want to ‘Prematurely Reopen the Economy Aren’t Workers’

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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Wednesday suggested that “far too many” of the individuals who are desperately urging officials to reopen the economy so they can resume earning a living and recover from economic hardship are not actually “workers.” “Far too many of the people who want to prematurely reopen the economy aren’t workers, but the powerful and wealthy — those who benefit most from exploiting workers’ labor,” Omar proclaimed. “The wealthy have a history of putting luxury over workers’ livelihoods, and this crisis is no different,” she added: Omar’s assertion comes as citizens across the country gather to protest lockdown orders in their respective states, demanding officials reopen the economy so they can work and resume their livelihoods. Breitbart News spoke to several of these “workers,” whose cries Omar appears to dismiss, at a handful of Reopen America protests last week. “Why can’t we open businesses safely? Wy can’t I do small party shopping? Why can’t I do curbside? It doesn’t make any sense,” a Pennsylvania consignment store owner, who was forced to close and lay off her employees due to the shutdowns, told Breitbart News. “Why is Target and Walmart allowed to sell kids clothing when I have to be shut down? It’s just not right,” she added