IDF worried it doesn’t have enough munitions for multiple-front war


The Israeli military is concerned that it does not yet have the necessary amount of munitions needed to strike the thousands of enemy targets in Lebanon and Gaza that it plans to hit should a multi-front war break out.

Israel purchased tens of thousands of precision-guided munitions from the United States in recent years but used hundreds of joint direct attack munitions (JDAM) during Operation Guardian of the Walls last May necessitating restocking its supply.

All JDAMs have since been replenished by Washington, and the military plans to acquire far more before 2024, and will increase that number by even more by 2030.

However, with enemy military infrastructure integrated and hidden in densely urban civilian centers, the IDF will have to use precision munitions against targets in order to reduce civilian casualties. The military is worried that a lack of munitions will not allow it to carry out the intensive strikes against the enemy at the necessary pace.

The IDF plans to carry out a blitzkrieg against enemy targets prior to ground maneuvers in order to deny the enemy of capabilities, and to reduce rocket fire on the home front.


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