IDF: Female soldiers who came to rescue in Meron were attacked

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Jerusalem Post:

Home Front Command female soldiers who came as part of the rescuing team to the disaster at Mount Meron were attacked by people who attended the event, the IDF Spokesperson Unit said on Saturday night.The female soldiers, who came to rescue and evacuate those who were wounded, were attacked verbally and physically.

The IDF stressed that the force who carried out the mission ignored the attack and continued with aiding the victims.The issue was brought up by the soldiers after they returned to the base on Friday night.The IDF said that it condemns any attack, verbal or physical, against its soldiers – men or women.

It added that “the Home Front Command will continue assisting any citizen or resident who needs help.”Defense Minister Benny Gantz said in response to the incident that “saving lives is a top value, and I am proud of the men and women soldiers who treated the wounded in the Meron disaster, and utterly condemn those who attacked them at the scene.

“Many citizens owe their lives to those [soldiers] who we called up to the scene,” he said.“Just like in the Meron [incident], just like with coronavirus, the IDF’s men and women soldiers will keep saving lives wherever needed.”

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