Idaho suspect Bryan Kohberger turned ‘aggressive’ in high school: former friend

The criminology doctoral student suspected of murdering four University of Idaho students transformed into an aggressive and violent bully at the end of high school, a former friend claims.

Nick Mcloughlin, of Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania, told the Daily Beast he was appalled when he learned his high school buddy Bryan Christopher Kohberger was arrested Friday in connection to the brutal November slayings.

The two had been friends during their teenage years, Mcloughlin said. They spent half their days at Pleasant Valley High and the other half taking heating and air conditioning work classes at Monroe County’s vocational school.

But the relationship dissolved after Mcloughlin said Kohberger underwent a personality shift over the course of a summer.

Mcloughlin said Kohberger, 28, had been a “down to earth” and overweight teen when they wrapped up their junior year. When they started their senior year, Kohberger was “thinner than a rail” and developed an “aggressive” personality.

Kohberger also began picking up boxing lessons and was itching to put his new skills to use, according to his former friend.

“He always wanted to fight somebody, he was bullying people. We started cutting him off from our friend group because he was 100 percent a different person,” Mcloughlin said, adding that the personality switch came as a total surprise and mystery to the friends.

Mcloughlin did not immediately respond to requests for comment by The Post.


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