Idaho Murder Suspect was a Vegan


SWAT teams descended on sleepy Poconos mountain town to catch Libertarian Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger who was ‘obsessively vegan’ as a teen and ‘looked drugged at school’

Bryan Kohberger is in custody on charges of homicide for the Idaho killings

Relatives say he was ‘OCD’ about veganism and forced family to buy new pots

He is registered as a Libertarian in voter records and has never been arrested

Some who attended school with him say he ‘looked drugged’

SWAT teams descended on a sleepy residential community in Pennsylvania in the early hours of Friday morning where they arrested Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger more than a month after four university students were slain in their beds. Kohberger, 28, was taken into custody by the Pennsylvania State Police at a home in Albrightsville, a small town in the heart of the Poconos Mountains more than 2,000 miles from where the gruesome killings took place on November 13. Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson said investigators believe Kohberger broke into the students’ home ‘with the intent to commit murder.’ Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, and Xana Kernodle, 20, were stabbed to death along with Xana’s freshman boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, 20, in Moscow, Idaho last month. Police say DNA evidence links Kohberger to the scene. Kohberger was a PhD student in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Washington State University, which is a short drive across the state line from the University of Idaho.

Kohberger is a registered Libertarian, although does not appear to have had any active social media profiles at the time of his arrest. A relative told The New York Post Kohberger is ‘OCD’ about his eating habits and forced his family to buy new pots that had never been used to cook meat. ‘It was above and beyond being vegan. His aunt and uncle had to buy new pots and pans because he would not eat from anything that had ever had meat cooked in them. He seemed very OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)’ the woman said.

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