Ice Cube Under Fire for Tweeting Anti-Semitic Images and Conspiracy Theories

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People Magazine:

Ice Cube is facing criticism for sharing a number of anti-Semitic images and conspiracies on Twitter.

The actor, 50, tweeted several images over the past week that featured imagery fans quickly slammed as offensive.

One photo depicted a group of men with exaggerated facial features typical of anti-Semitic imagery playing Monopoly on the backs of black people, and another suggested that the “Black Cube of Saturn” — which conspiracy theorists claim is an occult symbol — lies within the Star of David.

“F— THE NEW NORMAL UNTIL THEY FIX THE OLD NORMAL!” Ice Cube wrote alongside the Monopoly image, which was shared on June 6.

Several people on Twitter responded to the posts, asking for the rapper to take them down.

“Cube, this is an Anti-Semitic trope,” one Twitter user responded. “Please take it down as it suggests Jews control everything. And trust me, we don’t. Because if Jews controlled everything, I would be rich af & Donald Trump would be in prison #DoBetter.”

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