‘I won’t take orders from a socialist’: Furious Joe Manchin slams ‘out of stater’ Bernie Sanders for daring to write an op-ed backing Biden’s $3.5T infrastructure plan in West Virginia’s largest newspaper


Sanders, the most progressive senator, on Friday launched a direct attack on Manchin, the most moderate, in Manchin’s home state

The unusual move saw Sanders, representing Vermont, write an op ed in the biggest newspaper in Manchin’s state, West Virginia

Sanders aimed to convince Manchin’s constituents to support the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan promoted by Joe Biden

Manchin has said that the price of the infrastructure bill is too high, and is stubbornly refusing to approve Biden’s signature proposal

Biden himself on Friday conceded that the $3.5 trillion plan was unlikely to be passed, but vowed to return to the theme with additional cash once approved

Moderate West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin lashed out at ‘out-of-stater’ Bernie Sanders after the Vermont socialist senator wrote an op-ed in a West Virginia newspaper urging voters to support Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill – as the Democratic infighting over the stalled legislation escalated. Manchin, 74, and fellow Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have refused to rubber-stamp Biden’s $3.5 trillion plan because of its exorbitant price tag. Sanders, 80, the leader of the progressive wing of the party, made his case to Manchin’s constituents in West Virginia’s largest newspaper, the Charleston Gazette-Mail. ‘The $3.5 trillion Build Back Better bill, supported by President Biden and almost all Democrats in Congress, is an unprecedented effort to finally address the long-neglected crises facing working families and demand that the wealthiest people and largest corporations in the country start paying their fair share of taxes,’ Sanders wrote. Manchin immediately issued a stinging rebuke, taking to social media to condemn Sanders and accuse the twice-failed presidential candidate of having no idea of what was best for West Virginians.

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