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In today’s divisive political climate we are observing the Democrats attempting to demonize and criminalize Republicans as insurrectionists, traitors and the like, merely for gathering in protest, questioning an election, and trust me soon, offering alternative solutions to “climate change.”

This situation is not new. It has been going on a long time, but it intensified during Barack Obama’s years in office, which brings to mind two events that occurred during his administration, both in 2013.

I am writing this anonymously as it describes embarrassments that occurred to me in the town I live in, not that the fault was mine, mind you. But I am a well known and respected citizen where I live, and I also do not desire to incur any revenge from the authorities for what I am about to write.

The events both occurred in Fairfax, California, a small city in Marin County, a suburb north of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Dr. Michael Savage once lived in Fairfax, which he speaks of on occasion. He still lives in Marin County and is well aware of the politics here that drive these sorts of incidents.

As you can guess, Marin County is ultra-liberal, Fairfax perhaps its most liberal town. If some one were to offer that Fairfax is the most liberal town in America, I would not argue. In the 1960s and 1970s the hippies moved there and lived in the hills above town. Now they run the place. A typical bumper sticker reads,”Welcome to Fairfax, Mayberry on Acid.” 

The first incident occurred in a pizza joint owned, ironically, by a Republican I know. I was with a group of  five people; me, two of my good friends, and both their girlfriends. Yes, we had been drinking. The girlfriend of one of my friends was a drunk and was loud, The rest of us were fine. Then we started a discussion about President Obama. There was no swearing, it was not out of control, it was normal, but a nearby man with a couple of kids called the cops, who asked us to leave for no good reason that I am aware. I told one of the cops, “This is wrong. We were tossed out for being Republicans and disagreeing with Obama in Fairfax.” Kind of like, “Driving while back.” He did not disagree.

The second event occurred a block away at a bar called Nave’s. I was with the same people. Again, we were drinking but were totally in control. Knowing I would drink, I walked to the bar planning to call a cab to drive back, since I live on a hill. Around midnight or so, we broke up the party. I did not yet have Uber and asked the bartender to call me a cab. I went outside to wait. I stood there quietly for almost an hour. Finally around one in the morning my cab arrived, or so I thought. I walked towards it when suddenly about four people emerged from the bar and entered the cab. I leaned into the window and told the cabbie I thought it was my cab. I could not tell for sure as I did not know the cab company, I had not made the call. 

I said I had been waiting an hour and tried to negotiate to share the ride. I asked that they check the records to see whose name was on the manifest. Suddenly a Fairfax cop pulled up and with his bullhorn told me to stand away from the vehicle. 

He was a big, gruff, bull-headed cop, and it was obvious he was not having a nice day. He had me sit down on the sidewalk, looking over my driver’s license. I explained what happened. The fact I remember it well enough to describe it in detail demonstrates I was not so drunk I was out of control. I asked him if he could give me a ride home since apparently I had missed my cab.

“The only place you are going is to jail,” he replied.

If I had just shut up that would have been it, but no, I had to open my big trap. Somewhere in the conversation I mentioned I was Republican and Christian. In the past cops had always been easier to deal with when they know you are a Republican. Not in Fairfax.

“That’s it,” he said. “Hands behind your back.” Just then my cab pulled up.

I was arrested and spent the night in jail, literally and actually in real life, for being a Republican and a Christian in Fairfax, California. At the jail, I sat on a chair waiting to be processed when the TV overhead showed highlights of that days’ USC-Notre Dame game. I was watching it when a “mean-faced, clip-haired” lesbian cop, as Dr. Savage so eloquently would have called her, ordered me to stop watching the TV. When it took more than three seconds for me to do so she got in my face and told me I’d be locked up for a week if I did not obey her orders.

She was, for the record, with the Marin Sheriff’s department. Also for the record, no charges were ever made since, obviously, I had spent a night in jail for committing no actual “crime” other than conservatism in a liberal environment. Modern day America!

If I were to find out both the cop and the lesbian sheriff were fired for this obvious dereliction of their duties it would not bother me, but I am not holding my breath. Since then, my Lutheran Church in Fairfax shut down when two lesbian women joined it and spent a decade lobbying to have it closed so the property could be used for affordable housing, which it now is. The local Catholic school also shut down in Fairfax. Apparently Christianity is banned. Isn’t that special? 

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