‘I Want to Kill My First Jew’: Jewish Man Violently Assaulted in London


A Jewish man was violently attacked by a knife-wielding assailant in a north London supermarket who said he wanted to “find a Jew to kill.”

According to a report by the Metropolitan Police, the attack happened earlier this month during the Jewish Hanukkah holiday as the victim left West Hampstead Underground Station after work.

He encountered the attacker, who was described as being in his mid to late twenties, vandalizing a public menorah before the latter turned to him and asked, “You look Jewish. Are you Jewish?” When the victim answered in the negative, the alleged attacker said, “Good. I want to find a Jew to kill.”

The victim then entered a nearby supermarket and called the police but was told the incident did not warrant an urgent response. The police dealt with the case only an hour later. The attacker, meanwhile, now donning a face mask, followed him in the supermarket and began shouting: “I knew you were Jewish, you lied to me. I am going to kill you.”

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